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Fortune International

Fortune International is one of the leading visa consultants providing Coaching of IELTS/PTE/Spoken English, Overseas Education, Dependent Visa & Immigration services since last 8 years.

Our commitment and dedication is reflected in our day to day work. The knowledge, expertise, wisdom and competency acquired during all these years give us an unprecedented leadership and a solid reputation.

We provide services for Overseas Education, Immigration, Spouse/Dependent and Other visa services for Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. We believe in shaping the career of our clients with a lot of responsibility and care. Thousands of clients have made a successful career abroad through us. Whenever they come back, they make sure to visit us for sharing their wonderful experience, it gives an immense delight and a deep contentment to see their happy face.

Our Vision

We aspire to offer valuable insights with our extensive experience in the revolutionary realm of education. The educational hub is broad on the global level, making the right choice can be troubling at times. Education always remains to be the primary catalyst in deciding the right career path. Education comprises an ocean’s worth of knowledge and acquired skills. This support students to become the ultimate citizen of the world. International hubs of education always stand to be one of the revolutionary prospects of a student’s career.

Students hold the key to a better future and education plays a significant role in building the path to it. Our success is directly linked to our vision of ensuring the best quality of education to students. Education at a global level support in enabling students to grow and learn into new spheres of life with better opportunities. The global education system support the students to improve on a range of skills with practical application of their knowledge. We hope that, with our consultancy and hospitality services, students can live their dream of studying abroad.

Our Mission

Our only mission is to support students achieve their dream of being on the global stage. To make the student’s career aspirations come true, we provide our expertise and experience.

We, at Fortune International, work hard to sew the best future for students with our committed dedication to our vision. Our mission lies in the simple fact to support students land in top universities with scholarships. Students can come onboard with us to build a successful career in their field of interest. Our excellence and experience in the field of education to resolve every issue on the path of the student’s future in abroad. A team of qualified professionals can guide them at every step of their way. Our guidance will support students get into the top and most reputed university to start building a bright future.

To ensure that a student does not back down from the dream of studying abroad, we provide cultural, financial, and all the necessary help.

Founder Message

It is an Honor to be a part of the Education sector as it directly or indirectly serves the society and makes difference in communities we live in, Fortune International team aspires to assist students to achieve their dreams and objectives. We also inform them pros and cons of aspects relating to study abroad and career consultancy.

As a result of having experience more than 14 year in the field of education industry and having studied Masters of Business Administration. I, Rutu Patel, am well-versed with rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts of this sector. Through this experience and observation of several years, I have established this firm for the betterment and assistance of students to help them to choose the right path of Success.

Fortune International Visa consultants believe that with a bit of effort and hard work and abundance of passion to achieve a goal, there’s not the one thing that cannot be achieved.

We hope that our abroad consultancy website will provide you with all the information you need and I will wait to be part of my Fortune family which will add more glory to it.

Mrs. Rutu Patel

Director Fortune International


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